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Financial assistance options for AML patients

Serious illnesses can come with many challenges. Getting VENCLEXTA,
once it has been prescribed, shouldn’t be one of them.

There may be options that can help you afford your VENCLEXTA,
no matter what type of health insurance you have.

Genentech Oncology Co-pay Assistance Program for VENCLEXTA

If you have commercial health insurance and meet other eligibility criteria, the Genentech Oncology Co-pay Assistance Program* for VENCLEXTA may be able to help you pay for your medicine. With this program, you pay as little as $0 per prescription for VENCLEXTA + azacitidine, or VENCLEXTA + decitabine, or VENCLEXTA + low-dose cytarabine, up to a $25,000 yearly limit.

Find out if you qualify

Terms and Conditions

*The Co-pay Program is valid ONLY for patients with commercial (private or non-governmental) insurance who have a valid prescription for a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved indication of a Genentech medicine. Patients using Medicare, Medicaid or any other federal or state government program (collectively, “Government Programs”) to pay for their Genentech medicine are not eligible.

Under the Program, the patient may pay a co-pay. The final amount owed by a patient may be as little as $0 for the Genentech medicine (see Program specific details). The total patient out-of-pocket cost is dependent on the patient’s health insurance plan. The Program assists with the cost of the Genentech medicine only. It does not assist with the cost of other medicines, procedures or office visit fees. After reaching the maximum annual Program benefit amount, the patient will be responsible for all remaining out-of-pocket expenses. The Program benefit amount cannot exceed the patient’s out-of-pocket expenses for the cost associated with the Genentech medicine.

All participants are responsible for reporting the receipt of all Program benefits as required by any insurer or by law. The Program is only valid in the United States and U.S. Territories, is void where prohibited by law and shall follow state restrictions in relation to AB-rated generic equivalents (e.g., MA, CA) where applicable. No party may seek reimbursement for all or any part of the benefit received through the Program. The Program is intended for the patient. Only the patient using the Program may receive the funds made available through the Program. The Program is not intended for third parties who reduce the amount available to the patient or take a portion for their own purposes. Patients with health plans that redirect Genentech Program assistance intended for patient out-of-pocket costs may be subject to alternate Program benefit structures. Genentech reserves the right to rescind, revoke or amend the Program without notice at any time.

Additional terms and conditions apply. Please visit the Co‑pay Program website for the full list of Terms and Conditions.

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Referrals to Independent Co-pay Assistance Foundations

An independent co-pay assistance foundation* is a charitable organization that gives financial assistance for medicines. These foundations help patients with public or commercial health insurance.

*Independent co-pay assistance foundations have their own rules for eligibility. Genentech has no involvement or influence in independent foundation decision-making or eligibility criteria and does not know if a foundation will be able to help you. We only can refer you to a foundation that supports your disease state. This information is provided as a resource for you. Genentech does not endorse or show preference for any particular foundation. The foundations in this list may not be the only ones that might be able to help you.

Find a list of independent co-pay assistance foundations

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Genentech Patient Foundation

The Genentech Patient Foundation gives free Genentech medicine to people who don’t have health insurance coverage or who have financial concerns and meet eligibility criteria.

Speak to a Foundation Specialist to see if you qualify

If you have health insurance, you should try to get other types of financial assistance, if available. You also need to meet income requirements. If you do not have insurance, or if your insurance does not cover VENCLEXTA, you must meet a different set of income requirements.

Genentech reserves the right to modify or discontinue the program at any time and to verify the accuracy of information submitted.

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Have questions about your treatment with VENCLEXTA?

Call our nurse§ support line for VENCLEXTA.

You can speak with our Registered Nurses§ about your treatment with VENCLEXTA—at no cost to you.

Call our nurse support line:
Monday–Friday, 7am–7pm CST

Call our nurse support line:

Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm CST

§The nurses from the nurse support line are provided by AbbVie and do not work under the direction of a healthcare professional (HCP) or give medical advice. They are trained to direct patients to their HCP for treatment-related advice, including further referrals.

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