Keep VENCLEXTA tablets in the original package during the first 4 weeks of treatment. Do not transfer the tablets to a pillbox or other container.

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Read the Quick Start Guide that comes with the Starting Pack before your first dose.

The Starting Pack contains the medicine you will need for the first 4 weeks of your treatment with VENCLEXTA in 4 weekly wallet blister packs. The medicine you will need for your fifth week of treatment and beyond is in a pill bottle.

Recommended daily dosing after ramp-up

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After you complete the Starting Pack, you will continue taking VENCLEXTA at the full recommended daily dose of 400 mg (supplied as 100-mg tablets) until your doctor tells you to stop taking VENCLEXTA or changes your dose.

Your doctor may tell you to take VENCLEXTA differently than described here. Take VENCLEXTA exactly as it is prescribed by your doctor.