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VENCLEXTA is not a chemotherapy

It is a pill that works differently than other treatments for adults with CLL or SLL.

How VENCLEXTA treats CLL/SLL within your body

Normal Cell

When normal cells are old or damaged, your body triggers them to self‑destruct. This process is called apoptosis (ay‑pop‑toh‑sis).

Cancer cell

In certain types of cancer, there is too much of a protein called BCL‑2. BCL‑2 blocks the cell from triggering apoptosis. When this happens, cancer cells do not self‑destruct as they naturally would, and they build up in the body.


VENCLEXTA targets BCL‑2 proteins and attaches to them. When VENCLEXTA is attached to these proteins, it helps to restore the process of apoptosis, allowing these cells to self‑destruct.

VENCLEXTA combination therapy

Your healthcare provider may prescribe VENCLEXTA with an intravenously administered antibody therapy, such as GAZYVA® (obinutuzumab) or rituximab, to help you fight CLL or SLL.

GAZYVA and rituximab are a type of antibody therapy that targets and attaches to the CD20 protein found on the surface of CLL cells as well as some healthy blood cells. Once attached to the CD20 protein, GAZYVA and/or rituximab is thought to work in different ways, such as:

  • By destroying the cancer cells directly
  • By helping your own immune system destroy the cancer cells

VENCLEXTA is designed to be completed in a set amount of time (12 months for previously untreated CLL/SLL when combined with GAZYVA or about 24 months for previously treated CLL/SLL when combined with rituximab), unlike some other oral therapies that you take until your disease progresses.


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It is not known if VENCLEXTA is safe and effective in children.

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