What treatment
options are
for CLL/SLL?

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Treatments for previously untreated CLL/SLL

There are many treatment options for CLL/SLL. Before choosing one with your doctor, there are a variety of factors to consider based on your treatment goals. Below are the different types of treatment options for CLL/SLL based on two of these factors.

These two factors include:

How long the treatment period will last

The type of treatment

Some other key questions to ask when choosing a treatment include:

Is it going to work for me?

Consider how well the treatment works.

Will I tolerate it?

Consider the side effects and safety information.

How is it given?

Consider if it is taken as a pill or an infusion or a combination treatment.

VENCLEXTA regimens are chemo-free treatments you can complete in 12 months for
previously untreated patients and about 24 months for previously treated patients

Prepare to have a more open and informed conversation with your doctor.

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