Treatment is designed to be completed in 12 months

Before you start taking VENCLEXTA, you will begin receiving infusions of GAZYVA.

  1. In month 1, you will receive GAZYVA on the first day of weeks 1-3; however, your very first dose of GAZYVA will be split over days 1 and 2
  2. You will start taking VENCLEXTA after the first 3 weeks of GAZYVA treatment
  3. You will start at a low dose of VENCLEXTA and gradually build up to a higher dose—this is known as a “ramp-up” period
  4. You will receive GAZYVA once per month for months 2-6
  5. You will continue to take VENCLEXTA once daily until the end of the 12-month treatment period

See important information on getting started with VENCLEXTA

VENCLEXTA is a pill you take by mouth, once a day

Your healthcare provider may tell you to take VENCLEXTA differently than described here.
Take VENCLEXTA exactly as prescribed by your healthcare provider.