VENCLEXTA is the only chemo-free, oral-based CLL treatment designed to be completed in a set amount of time*

VENCLEXTA is approved to treat adult patients with: 

  • Previously untreated chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) or small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL). This means that you and your doctor have determined you are ready to start your first treatment for CLL or SLL. For previously untreated patients, VENCLEXTA is taken for 12 months in combination with GAZYVA® (obinutuzumab), an infusion therapy
  • Previously treated (or relapsed/refractory) CLL/SLL. This means that you’ve already received one or more therapies to treat your condition, which didn’t fully respond to treatment, or your condition has returned. For previously treated patients, VENCLEXTA is taken for about 24 months in combination with rituximab, an infusion therapy

VENCLEXTA is a pill that works differently from other treatments

It helps destroy cancer cells through restoring a natural process, called apoptosis, that may be damaged when you have CLL or SLL.

VENCLEXTA is not a chemotherapy

Your healthcare team may prescribe VENCLEXTA alone or with an antibody infusion (IV) therapy to help you fight CLL or SLL. This antibody infusion targets a protein found on the surface of both CLL cells and some healthy blood cells. It is also not a chemotherapy and is thought to help your body’s immune system find and kill leukemia and healthy cells.

*Your healthcare provider may prescribe VENCLEXTA alone, which is taken until your healthcare provider tells you to stop.