If you’ve already received one or more treatments for CLL or SLL, and you didn’t fully respond to treatment or the disease returned, your doctor may prescribe VENCLEXTA in combination with rituximab. Rituximab is an antibody infusion (IV) therapy. VENCLEXTA + rituximab is not a chemotherapy and was proven to be more effective than a commonly used chemotherapy + antibody treatment.

VENCLEXTA + rituximab offers a chance for a treatment-free period after about 24 months

In a clinical study of 389 people with previously treated CLL, VENCLEXTA + rituximab was compared to the chemotherapy + antibody treatment.

The study found that with VENCLEXTA + rituximab (194 people):

  • The chance of disease worsening or death was 81% lower compared to the common chemotherapy + antibody treatment (195 people)
  • 1 year after the ~24-month treatment was completed, more than 7 out of 10 people were alive and did not experience a worsening of their disease